Sunday, 14 February 2016

₪ The Golden Section of Aesthetics and a Plastic Bliss

Warning: This article might contain strong, coarse, and foul language among other profanities and politically incorrect remarks. 
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Codex Windsor
Leonardo Da Vinci
When my son asked for the very first time where do we come from; I told him about a mountainous land where man becomes harmoniously one with nature. An idyllic vision of unspoiled wilderness, a land so mystically pacifying and tranquil, that awakened the senses as a lost paradise. Arcadia has always run through my veins in every way, nevertheless; my heart ever had another say. For deep inside me, heart and soul, I've always felt an Athenian.

   Having been raised in Athens, I grew up in her very centre and savored her standing marks through history, sensing the same marbles that once Pericles and Socrates did. Acropolis, is far more than a monument. It symbolises democracy, logic, and perfection; in its literal and philosophical meaning. The Parthenon is not the oldest, nor the biggest man-made construction, but it is in my opinion the most emblematic in mankind. There's no other construction in human history, that has influenced us so much in so many scientific aspects as the Parthenon. Its greatness hides behind its architectural perfection; the Golden Section.

Friday, 5 February 2016

₪ The Chronicle of a Crisis

   You know you grow older when you find yourself challenged to feel satisfaction by watching a film. The latest years, most films are just action movies with computer animated visual effects, and a superhero that raises cities to the ground to serve some freedom and democracy. Direction is now done through a Macintosh, the actors are now athletes or supermodels, and most scenarios could easily get challenged by my 5 years old son's role playing fantasies and concepts. A week ago, an unusual work premiered worldwide; The Big Short a film that takes us back where the biggest economical recession of our time would start; 11 Wall Street, New York, and gives us a small idea for what triggered this financial crisis. Despite the fact that this crisis starts in the United States, many whispered a word along this economic apocalypse; Greece, and everyone has now associated the two, having more or less an opinion that was delivered to them by the media. The question though is; how well do we know what happened, or even know anything about Greece at all?

"Greek War of Independence"
Theodoros Vryzakis 1851
When someone thinks about Greece, would immediately think of her ancient history, being the birthplace of  Science, Philosophy, Arts, and other things, but most characteristically; Democracy.
If there would be some words that could almost be synonymous to the very sound of the word Greece, ancient would surely be amongst them.
   Many would argue of how old this nation actually is, but it is in fact an oxymoron that despite Greece's thousands of years of existence, and the foundation of democracy in Athens, Greece is a very young country as a single unified de jure state of ethnic Hellenes, and her modern history starts with the liberation from the mighty Ottoman Empire right after the Napoleonic Wars in the early 19th century.