Tuesday, 1 May 2012

₪ Russefeiring

Iris serving Ambrosia in a Feast
 The first day of May, has always have been a special one. Browsing the books, there are always fascinating events that we can spot and study, but there are indeed some of them that were rather notable. It would be a day like the May 1st 1328, when Scotland would be recognised as an independent Kingdom, only to wait until 1707 when both England and Scotland would get to form the Kingdom of Britain. It was a May's first of 1786, when Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart premiered his notorious Figaro's Marriage at the majestic Vienna, and the very same calendar day for the year 2011 when Pope John Paul II was beatified by his successor, Pope Benedict XVI. Of course, it would be safe to say, that the most influential first of May in our daily life, was the one occurred in Illinois's Chicago in 1886, when thousands of people protested in a modern French Revolution for their working and human rights, something that would eventually lead to the Haymarket Massacre, and to the eight hour working basis that we enjoy today in the modern civilised world.